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... and understand your own "Why"
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Confused About Food?

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what your food does for you,

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the role it plays in your life

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We like to look at Nutrition this way…

We would never expect our car to get to the end of a journey if it had hardly any fuel in the tank, would we?

Of course we wouldn't, and yet,1,000’s of us do just  this with our bodies every single day. 

Let us help you to understand just “Why” your nutrition actually effects every-single-action-and-decision you make! Because when you come to know and understand this, you become truly empowered!



Often we believe that we need to be pushing, striving, driving as hard as we can for something to count towards a goal. In truth, the steps that we take, no matter how small they may seem, all add up!

We wouldn't climb a mountain by sprinting up it, it takes many steps to achieve that goal. We look at Movement in the same way, not necessarily seeing it as "only" a gym session or "just" a run for example. Simply adding more movement to your existing 24 hours, ultimately creates something bigger!

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Let us help you to write one of your very own, and understand your own “Why”


Have you ever stopped to think

”Why do I?"

(insert whatever sentence right here)

…the answer is probably “Yes”!


"Why do I feel this way?"

"Why did I respond that way?"

"Why does that happen when I do this?"

If we read an instruction book, it would explain how something worked. 

Imagine having a book for ourselves, one that explained our own cause and effect?

Wouldn't that would be empowering?

What is the WHY?

It is the explanation of "Why" we behave, respond, and feel certain ways.

It is discovering the science behind how we are made.

It is about gaining an understanding behind how we work. 


We do this by explaining the importance of the food we eat, the movements we make 

and the recovery and care we give ourselves.

We show you, just how much power these 3 elements have, and how much they impact us

every single minute of every single day.

What do we DO?

We help new mums get their bodies back and feel confident again. 

We help grandparents to run around with their grandchildren, when they thought they couldn’t. 

We help those who feel tired, run down and stressed out, to feel energised again.


We show them all the steps that they can take to change, and re-discover that zest for life.


We show you exactly how YOU work, and help break down those myths of

 “This is just the way we are”…by helping you discover your own Why.


When you learn this and embrace it fully into your lives, you truly learn about yourself, and you will change.

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain