Hi I’m Peter


Co Founder of “The Why”


For many years of my life, I believed that we as individuals, behaved, felt, even responded in certain ways due to simply being “that’s who we were!”


But at a certain place and time in my own life, I questioned this on  a level that led me to explore deeper, more scientifically, and discover the who and why we really are, the way we are!

As a result of that discovery, I made up my mind to share what I had learned. Every single one of us deserves to have a good life, and I decided  that If I could help with that, in whatever way I could...I would!

I look forward to meeting you all and sharing what I’ve learned with you.



Hi I’m Sarah


Co Founder of “The Why”


Like you, I am an individual.

I founded The Why with the belief that at some point we all need support.  Not a hand out, more of a hand up, for those of us who may need help seeing the path ahead, when the challenging times happen.


Having lived through my own challenges and having also had support gifted to me, I started my life coaching journey because I wanted to give some of that support back...


... so here we are today with you reading this, and me looking forward to meeting you.

Peter is a registered member of The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).


A qualified YMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer

YMCA Level 2 Awards in Gymnasium Instruction

Level 3 Awards in Instructing Outdoor Fitness.

He is a qualified nutrition coach, holding the Pn Certified Coach Level 1, awarded by Precision Nutrition.



Sarah has a background in Sports Science and Sports Psychology, and brings her expertise and a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Diploma in Psychology

Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

Life Coaching Level 3