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Group PT-Led


Our friendly and informal Group Sessions are a combination of outdoor movement and exercise. We combine this with an introduction to mindfulness activities and simple nutritional challenges.


The aim is to help you look at your own health and wellness, addressing change by introducing small manageable steps, and ultimately making these changes part of your every day lives. 


We are all individuals, and have different levels of health, fitness and ability. We recognise this, and so we structure our sessions to be whatever YOU want them to be. You can work at your own pace, challenge yourself,

or even get a little out of your comfort zone if you wish.


Each one has a short "ask anything" Q&A session with our coaches at the end, for any questions you may have,

and we guarantee that you’ll have a whole heap of fun too.


Helping you move forwards on your wellness journey, and help you look and feel better.

Running now in North Nottinghamshire


Thoresby Park, Ollerton, Nottinghamshire

Monday 10am - 11am

Monday 6pm - 7pm ( March-September )

Thursday 10am - 11am

Saturday 9am - 10am

Pay as You Go £10 per session

 £50 per month, attend as many sessions as you like.

Each Group-Camp in line with government guidelines will limited participants.


Circuit style exercise

Introduction to Wellness

Simple nutritional guidance

Short Q&A

Facebook Group with Support and Hints & Tips

Workout in the beautiful location of Thoresby Estate




Gain more energy
Feel less tired
Become stronger
Become fitter
Make new connections
Have better weight control
Feel happier and more confident

doing exercise with weights
Have a question?
Group exercise in park
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