Healthy Cooking

Confused About Food?

Where do you start? 


Maybe you're feeling tired, run down, even short tempered each day?

You've tried all the diets, fad-plan etc and are fed up of yo-yoing from one to the next.

Following plans and programmes hasn't gotten you anywhere, because they simply instruct...they don't inform! 


News, social-networks, and mainstream media adds even more confusion, when we're already confused about food! After all, no one actually teaches you how to eat healthily for just YOU!. 

How can one size fit all if we have a population of over 7 billion people?


We can help!


This isn't about a plan, or following some schedule.

It isn't about some on-trend detox that you need to follow!

It's about you learning exactly what your food does for you, and how to best understand the role it plays in your life.


It begins with you completing a series of diaries, which gives us your start point. From there, we are able to work with you to understand what you need.


Your information enables us to provide you with a complete personalised nutritional report, showing just what YOUR BODY needs each day, (this can be a real eye-opener, trust us!)

By the end of the course, your "Nutritional Tool Bag" will be full and ready to use. You can then go forward with a clear view knowing what will help you thrive, and just how you can make that happen.

Your Three Week Nutritional Package Includes
Week 1- Step Up To your Plate

This week you will record and provide us with a complete fuel & hydration diary, detailing everything that you consume in a 7 day period

Week 2- Get a Wiggle On

This week you will record and provide us with a complete movement diary, detailing all movement you undertake in a 7 day period

Week 3- Analysis and Review

Personalised Nutritional Report detailing abundance/deficits in

nutritional consumption based on your supplied evidence.

Personalised Nutritional guidelines and suggestions handout

(based on your own specific requirements)

Personalised Meal Planning, Preparation and Cooking Advice Plan 

Our 5 Simple Go-To’s

Online access to our Preparation/Cooking Video series

Bonus Content

On-The-Go Toolbag-perfect for those busy trips or when travelling

The Benefits of Batch Cooking and some great suggestions

The magic of H2O -What it really does for us

The Humble Potato and its nutritional value

Super Simple Veg Inclusion guide

Our Handy Veg-Colour Checker

Want to pair up with your other half and do together?
No worries! 
Couples Package £250
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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 

Virginia Woolf

Nutritional Cooking