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Lockdown Style Friday-Night Takeaway Pizza

“What do we eat this weekend?”

What to eat plate and vegetables

So the current climate finds many of us inside for a greater amount time than most of us have (probably ever) known.

As many people are discovering, the lockdown situation has proved to be something of a challenge for many different reasons. This has gotten us thinking about ways we can adjust and get creative in our daily schedules, our workout routines and also in our quest to create healthy, home-made meals in order to keep our nutrition on track.

After all, the temptation when we’re at home can often be to reach for convenience, for the quick takeaway, rather than a home made nutritious meal.

Now don’t get me wrong, the decision to go for convenience is not necessarily a bad thing, but when we do this consistently, it can build up and we can end up finding our own nutrition being in a less than ideal situation.

Our food is our fuel and powers us for everything we do. So if we choose a lower quality “fuel”, then that won’t necessarily “power” us sufficiently for the tasks we have ahead of us in our daily lives.

One such creative-spree has led us to try our own home-made pizza.

This particular incarnation is so simple and takes mere minutes to make.

Homemade pizza on board

Our Lockdown-Style Friday-Night-Takeaway Pizza.

A simple wholemeal wrap, topped with :-

Red Pesto

Veggie Mince





Light mozzarella.

Simple, delicious and only 7mins in the oven!

One alternative attempt led us to using Pesto as a great base for the pizza!

Vegetable takeaway pizza

Topped off with:-








Side-Note:- If you’re wondering, the kale added a great crunch texture!

Some other great combinations are

Slices of cooked sausages, beef tomatoes & mozzarella.

Goats cheese, beetroot & rocket.

Prawns, chilli & spinach.

Go wild and pick your favourite toppings, it’s a great time to try something different!

What's your favourite topping combination?

Pete & Sarah x

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