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There are days when the “same-old” things happen…and then there those days that surprise and delight you!

Saturday 20th June, for us, was one of those “Surprise and Delight” days!

Over the past couple of months, we have been working hard to develop and bring new and exciting services to you all. Our current task has been to build relationships with the owners of some beautiful outdoor locations, so we can hold our outdoor exercise sessions. Unlike the traditional “BootCamps” which conjure up visions of lots of shouting and rolling huge tractor tyres around, our sessions (we like to call them “Group-Camps”), are a mixture of movement, exercise and an introduction to some mindfulness activities, (but try putting that as a title for an event, and you quickly run out of room on the page!). So the name “Group-Camps” was born!

With locations such as the beautiful Kings Park in Retford, (recognised as winning The Internationally acclaimed Green Flag award for the twelfth year), and The simply stunning grounds of The Thoresby Estate, we have had some great up-take by people and we are all looking forward to beginning our first session at Thoresby on Monday 29th June at 10am.  We are also working on more locations even as I type, so stay tuned.

What made this particularly awesome is @jayphotography reached out with a great idea to work together on a  photoshoot, in order to help us promote ourselves, services and events we have to offer.

We eagerly accepted and Saturday morning saw us all meeting (socially distanced of course), to begin the photoshoot.

Jay immediately put both Sarah and I at ease, and before we knew it, we were laughing, smiling, and all our nerves had disappeared thanks to her professionalism. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, we still had dog walkers and people wandering by, all out to enjoy the estate grounds . Many of them began giving us quizzical looks as we were jogging on the spot, or holding a lunge position so Jay could get a series of shots, but they quickly got the idea behind what we were doing and smiled, some even giving us a few encouraging comments along the way.

Two hours flew by and we had some awesome shots, we’d enjoyed ourselves and giggled uncontrollably, all thanks to the dynamic we had developed during the shoot with Jay and her husband.

The point I’m getting to is that is was lovely to be outside again, and even though the reality of social distancing may well be with us for a good while, it didn’t prevent us from having a safe gathering and also having great fun.

So with all those images of fun and of us giggling fresh in your minds, we invite you to check out our social media for all the up-to-date information and news on our classes and services, and come and get involved.

From us to you all, have a great day.


A huge thanks to Jay, visit her website at ...

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