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Simple Scrambled Eggs

Asked many times “do you have a quick and easy breakfast idea?” We wanted to come back to you and give our simple, staple go-to when we’re pushed for time. (Yes, even we get pushed for time!)

Simple scrambled eggs when you're pushed for time!

two bowls of Tomato risotto

2 minute meal.


2 Eggs

Olive Oil


Black Pepper

Chilli Flakes / Chives / Basil to dress


One mug with a teensy bit of olive oil smeared inside it.

Whisk eggs together add the cheese and add to the mug.

Pop in the microwave for 40 seconds

Take out and stir, before popping back in for 10 seconds.

Repeat until you hit the texture you like.

Remember don’t go cooking too much as you run the risk of them coming out rubbery.

We like to have them just a little bit “sloppy”, because at this stage they’re still actually cooking in the mug whilst your slice of toast/bagel-thin or whatever, is cooking.

Serve up, with a little sprinkle of pepper.

We love to serve on top of a toasted bagel thin with avocado and tipped with chives!

However you serve them.


Simple Scrambled Eggs Recipe

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