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The First Step

Everything requires a first step…and I certainly found this out on my journey!

In life, we don’t arrive fully formed! Our plans aren't laid out in front of us and our direction certainly isn't clearly marked. Often we can find ourselves on a road we no longer wish to travel down!

My name is Peter, co-founder of “The Why”, and that’s just what happened to me!

I wanted to share a little of my story with you (without making it too much of an autobiography).

Running to take that first step

One Day…

At the beginning of 2017, the reality that I was living, that I’d worked so hard for… ended.

All of a sudden, I was confronted with a new reality. I had come to a very real and very painful fork in the road, and with it, not only a change in direction, but a change of destiny, which left me with no idea where my path would lead.

“What do you do when everything you’ve worked for and hoped for, is simply no longer?”

At the time, I felt that I had only two choices. Go down a dark path, or try and pick up what was left of me, and forge some kind of new direction for myself.

Days and weeks passed, and with each one of those days, I had to wake up and get out of bed in the morning. My excited little dog was waiting for me to feed her and spend time with her, so, this I did...but that was pretty much all I could manage.

Existing was the plan, but not my goal...my goal eluded me!

light bulb moment

Then something happened, and my light bulb moment occurred!

I thought that If we are living beings, and we grow from the moment we're born, why couldn’t I learn just “How” I grow, and “Why” I work, respond, feel, even behave the way I do?

Why couldn't I read my own instruction manual…because surely then I’ll understand ME!

Pile of study books

So I did exactly this!

Over the next 3 years, I began to study. I signed up on courses to become a fitness instructor, and then a Personal Trainer…But I wanted more!

I studied to become a coach, and then a Nutrition Coach. I read everything I could, I presented seminars and workshops, I taught nutrition classes, I coached people in how to train and understand their own “Why”, all the time still studying and learning myself.

The body, the brain, our organs, how it all worked together and enabled us to go about our lives, basically any information that I could get my hands on absolutely fascinated me. I worked hard, took multiple exams, and accreditations, still constantly learning and putting into practice what I was learning, and….well, you get the idea right?

My belief was that if I could understand the “Why” behind everything I did, what led me to those actions, then surely I could directly influence the outcomes of any of my actions and decisions in my life.

notepad and pen writing journal

I could write my own instruction manual.

Understanding my own cause and effect, the way the human body and brain worked, and just Why it worked that way, gave me such clarity far beyond that of simple “Do this exercise”, “Eat that food”, “Don’t do that because…”.

That type of example which people typically followed was surely just a simple act of repetition, of trying something someone else had done. The ability to truly learn about yourself, and learn Why you did x-y-z, was more appealing and could truly be empowering!

Best of all, it didn’t need a miracle…just some understanding!

Learning your own Why isn’t about a subscription to a service you need to be a part of for years to come, or being told that you’ve done it all wrong all this time!

Nor is it us saying that you should come over to the this side of the fence, or that we have the “Next Best Thing!”

It is simply a case of us helping you understand your own Why…and then empowering you to make the choices and take the steps for yourself, that will serve you the best going forward in your lives.

So as I sit here, writing this first blog to you all, let me extend an invite to you all to become involved.

Peter, co-founder of The Why

I look forward to meeting you all.


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