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What would you wish for?

Boy blowing on dandelion making a wish

What would you wish for?

Imagine being granted one wish, but you’re cautioned to “Use it wisely!”

I have heard many people say something like “I want to be like that guy, or that girl!” . Often I hear “I want a Six-Pack” or “I want to lose weight and fit into that dress!”

There is no right or wrong, and if any of these examples are in fact exactly what you want, then thats cool!

Question mark cut out speech bubble

Now ask yourself this question…

You made your wish and you’ve gotten whatever you wished for, but what else has changed?

What else has improved, gotten better for you or been fixed as a result?

What if we used our one wish to get to know, and truly understand ourselves?

Why we feel good, tired, emotional, happy, focussed, grumpy, heck the list goes on (and I need to stop naming the 7 Dwarfs), wouldn’t that be of greater value to us and our lives?

I get asked for things like these many, many times, not only by clients that I coach, but by friends and family too. And the question I always ask them is “Will that be the one thing that’ll make you happy and fix everything else?”...

woman looking thoughtful

This usually ends up with them going quiet, and beginning to think...

You see, true health, in our minds, deep down in our bodies, not just externally but internally too, isn’t defined by how fast we can run, how much we can bench-press, or if we can fit into some clothing. Simply looking at a person who may “appear” to be in shape, isn’t always a complete reflection of that persons true health.

True health, wellness, our ability to connect and to ultimately understand ourselves and our own “Why”, isn’t found in front of a mirror. It is found in that place inside of us.

True health begins in a place we can go to and be honest with ourselves, no matter how uncomfortable that honesty may be when we're faced with it.

It is a place where we can get to know ourselves, discovering along the way just Why we are the way we are!

And then having learnt this, the version of us that deserves to surface, and deserves to have that life that we really want, can emerge!

Now ask yourselves... “What would I really wish for?”


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