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Workout for Beginners

What happens when we do the same thing today as we did yesterday….the same!

But what about if we do the same as last week….well, then we get the same again!

We can’t do the same things over and over again, and expect different results!

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We have heard this a bunch of times over the years,

“I’ll get back to the gym as soon as…

… work slows down.

… the kids are back in school.

… we’re done working on the house.”

Most of us can come up with any number of worthy justifications for taking a “breather” from our health and fitness efforts.

But often, it all comes down to the one essential reason:

“Life is busy and stressful. I need to press ‘pause’ until things slow down and are less crazy.” 

Except… things never really slow down permanently.

One things does remain the same though.

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The day has 24 hours in it and although we can say

“The day just runs away with me”

we can fit in some time for ourselves, for exercise. We just need to reframe what exercise looks like and the time it really takes to do it.

Many people see exercise as being often an hour long, sometimes more, a session of something somewhere with some noise, or sweaty people…urgh!

But what if you only had 10 mins? 

One thing the recent lockdown and isolation has taught us is our days can certainly run away with us, but it has also shown us that we don’t always need lots of time or gyms in order to exercise. 

We can exercise really effectively at home, and still keep making progress—even during the busiest days, weeks, and months.

Let us introduce you to our Beginners At-Home-Workout.

Instead of that all too familiar “all or nothing,” idea, this method helps you strive for “always something”.

Rather than trying to shoehorn in additional time to workout, why not add this into your current days existing movement.

For example, when a meal is in the oven, say to yourself:-

  • “I’ll workout whilst thats cooking”

  • “I’ll workout whilst the washing machine is on!”

  • “I’ll get up 10 minutes earlier, not play with my phone, and get my workout done!”

  • “I’ll break my workout into 3 sections, and fit it in throughout my day”

The last method may seem like a different approach, but remember that something over nothing is always preferable, and all those steps, no matter how small, make progress when they are added together.

Remember, we don’t need to aim for perfection, we simply go for “Getting It Done!”

So give this a try and let us know how you get on.

Beginner at home exercise routine

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